Our new vicar.....

Introduction: ....is....

................Francis Scott !

He is 46 and married to Fiona, a GP.

They have 4 children:

Hannah (18) going to Nottingham Uni this autumn, Charlotte (17 in a few days ), Edward (14 next month) and Alexander (10).

Francis is currently team vicar in Huntington, York (since 2003).

He is passionate about teaching the bible, equipping, reaching out to the community, and worship - he is a pianist/organ/keys.

He describes himself as evangelical & charismatic in churchmanship.

He has also spent 4 years with his young family in Uganda.

Let's keep praying for the Scotts as they begin the move over in September with a start to Francis' ministry here in mid October.

Thanks for being so patient, it has been good that we have been able to keep our commitment to the Bishop to await til today to share the news here at the same time as in Huntington.

God bless

Bev and Peter


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